We pride ourselves that all the Paul Ainsley clothes and accessories are made in the United Kingdom. The British craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none and this comes through in the superior quality of the Paul Ainsley label.
On 2nd June 1952, Hilda and Norton Harrison gave birth to a baby boy. The following day after agreeing a name, Norton set off on foot to register their son as David Harrison. Whilst walking to the registry office he remembered a gentleman he used to know called Ainsley. Ainsley was always very lucky and never wanted for anything. Norton thought, that is what I want my son to be like. On returning home Norton presented Hilda with the birth certificate. She let out a small scream when she saw that David had changed to Ainsley. To this day Ainsley Harrison has always been lucky and has never wanted for anything. In 1977 he passed the name on to his son Paul Ainsley Harrison who is the founder of the Paul Ainsley label.